Author Tessa Stokes and The Ruthin Trilogy

12 Nov

Greetings, all!! Today’s feature is the lovely Tessa Stokes who is promoting her Ruthin Trilogy. Take a look and discover what she has created!!

Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love: Volume One of The Ruthin Trilogy by Tessa Stokes

Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love: Volume One of The Ruthin Trilogy

When a girl looking for love meets a lonely, but strange man, she has her suspicions about him, especially since he doesn’t seem to eat.

He’s not what he used to be, he’s totally reformed and lives amongst a group of ancient magical beings. Just what is he besides, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and totally in love with her?

He’s a dress designer, a dot com businessman, a good friend, courageous, and he’s four hundred and some years old.

Fate has some weird twists in store for this couple but above all else it has a delicious love story.

Devon Ruthin finally hears from his very dangerous brother after twenty years. It’s not the reunion he would hope for, when Drew takes a liking to the girl Devon loves.

It’s not the reunion Drew might have hoped for either, because he discovers the woman he’s always loved lives in the same town as Devon, and begins a quest to win her back.

Drew Ruthin is a vampire and one of the worst kind, he’s also selfish and egotistical, he’s dangerous and not just because he’s out for someone’s blood, but because he’s subconsciously very unhappy. He knows his vampire community finds him pathetic; he’s losing power and status. His pain comes from his aching need for acceptance and love.

He has a funny way of showing it.

Attempting murder of his family members.

Seducing and draining any pretty girl he finds in his path.

It seems he will stoop to nothing when suddenly into his ‘undead life’ comes a girl, who although not destined for him, sets off a chain of events that does bring him everything his secret heart longs for.

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Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes: Volume Two of The Ruthin Trilogy by Tessa Stokes

Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes: Volume Two of The Ruthin Trilogy

Drew Ruthin wakes to find he doesn’t remember a thing but at least his old friend Greta is there to help him remember.

They do a little hunting and Drew likes it.

He’s in for a shock when as the days go by after his reawakening he starts to change into of all things, a good guy.

It’s the legacy the ancient magical being Elise left him, but she doesn’t know it, and neither does he. He only knows he loves her and is desperate to get her back.

Drew’s journey from a dangerous being to what he becomes for Elise is full of angst, killing, and finally tenderness.

Can he win her back and what does a warrior mage have in mind for him?

In this second book of The Ruthin Trilogy Drew and Elise share some hot love scenes. Some tender moments and as she turns against her own people his brother Devon, who swore to kill him has a change of heart.

In the background the lovely, ancient, warrior mage Balthazar Crane finds love of his own and starts to mellow.

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Excerpt from Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes: Volume Two of The Ruthin Trilogy

Drew was driving home annoyed with his fruitless journey and suddenly hungry for blood and sex. He watched for a way of gaining both as he drove along and at the bus stop on the way out of the next town before the highway he saw a girl alone.

He pulled up alongside her and let his window down. He gave her a look that was an invitation to something wonderful. His voice was soft and kind. He exuded charm. “Do you want a lift somewhere? I think you may have a long wait there”.

The girl was about twenty and not prone to getting in cars with strangers male or female. She shook her head. “No thanks I’m fine”, and she looked away from Drew wishing he was not a stranger. Wishing she had met him down the basketball club or something, he was so drop dead gorgeous.

Drew didn’t leave.

“I’m harmless”, he lied, and smiled a smile so sweet it was like rain to a flower.

The girl had pepper spray in her bag. Her mom had some too. Their neighbors had acquired it after a break-in just in case the suckers came back when they were actually at home and not at the gym. They had insisted on giving her and her mom a can each. She thought about the fact that she could spray him if he turned out to be a monster and accepted the lift after all. She was going to the hotel just before the highway to meet with her friends, there was, she told Drew, a bit of a dance on that night.

Drew found himself interested. “A dance?” he said in a questioning tone.

“Is it open to anyone?”

The girl considered his obvious interest. It would be a real win to walk in with this gorgeous guy to the dance. Her friends would fall dead with envy.

“It is of course. You pay at the door and that’s it, stay all night if you want to, the DJ very often plays until dawn”. She glanced at Drew to gauge his reaction to this information.

Second Editions of Volumes One and Two of The Ruthin Trilogy will be available on Amazon October 1.

A litle bio on Tessa Stokes:

Tessa has lived in many places in the world because of her work, but currently resides in the United Kingdom where she was born.

She writes character driven stories, which are a genre blend of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and real life. Her books are heavily romantic. Tessa likes to write erotic and paranormal romance as well as contemporary fantasy as she says this gives her more scope for happy endings, which she thinks we all crave. Tessa has always been writing something, academic curriculum, advertising copy, fiction, presently she writes paranormal romance/urban fantasy romance, and blogs. Tessa loves to wander around the ancient places, historical sites, and ruined castles of the UK where she often finds inspiration.

Find Tessa online:!/seventhspell


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